Thursday, 12 April 2012


These past two days we've been having a great time road tripping up into Queensland. We've driven over 10 hours, stopped 7 or 8 times, listened to almost 5 hours of audiobook and munched tons of leftover easter eggs. It's really been so much fun!

As is required when travelling north, we stopped at Uluru. Not 'the' Uluru, but a plastic model shoved on top of a petrol station. It's a bit lame, but always fun to look at.

One of our most exciting stops was at Byron Bay, where we went hang-gliding!

How exciting! It was a tandem hang glide with an experienced instructor, but the feeling of flying was amazing and the view was spectacular.

They said it was the best wind they'd had in months, although they might just tell everyone that.

We like to think that we're more special than that, though.

Anyway, if you're considering hang-gliding, know that it's not AT ALL scary once you're in the air. It feels like you're a flying bird!

Today we visited a beautiful second hand bookshop. It was really big, and the books were incredibly organised! We got a couple of things- good holiday reading and one of our childhood favourites for our cousin. I wished I'd taken a photo…

The night before last we stayed over at coffs harbour which was nice. We took beautiful walk along the beach at sunset, and it was so, so beautiful.

I took PLENTY of photos there! But you never can have too many photos :)

Dad taught us to skip pebbles, and the water was perfect for it!

We also went for a walk along the pier, which was beautiful! We even saw someone catch a sting ray!

Well, I'll be sure to let you know how the rest of the trip goes. We're not road tripping anymore, instead staying with our grandparents, and it's wonderfully relaxing!

It's lazy days by the pool and in the sun, plenty of good books and board games for us now!

You never realise quite how much you need a holiday until you get one!

Mia xo

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