Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Exciting Things and Time Passing

I've been so busy lately.

And you know when it's all done and you just need to relax.

And sleep.

And Breathe.

You know?

But you can't, because the world never seems to feel like stopping with you.

And more things keep popping up and you wonder whether it'll ever end?

Well, it's been a bit like that lately.

But with Easter coming, I think finally I will be able to relax and sleep and breathe! (touch wood)

I thought it'd e nice to tell you all these things that have been keeping me busy of late.

Because.... you might be interested? Maybe?

1. A Play...

I don't think I've mentioned this here before, but recently I've been in the school play. It was pretty exciting really! I played the ugly duckling, a show pony, a magazine cover and a midget bride. Stop laughing! (Actually, keep laughing. You might as well, and I must admit when I hear like that I can't help but having a little giggle myself!) The roles aren't as minor as they sound though.... well maybe they are, but still! I was in 7 scenes of 20-25ish, so that must count for something! 

But this school play business is VERY time consuming. I was at school 15 hours a day for the performances, and had lots and lots of rehearsal beforehand. Very tiring, but totally worth it, because I've made tons of friends and it's just, well.... fun!

2. School

I guess this doesn't really count, because it hasn't been much busier than normal, but it's just so hard to keep up to date with homework and assessments and assignments when everything else is going on! And being at school for 7 hours 5 days a week doesn't help either :) But I guess I'm lucky to be getting an education, so I'm going to stop complaining now.


I'm a teenager! Finally! It's been heaps of fun celebrating, even if it's been a bit squeezed with everything else! I'll go into more detail about it later in it's own post, but I'll tell you this: it's been pretty amazing!

So now I've got all the ranting and complaining and unloading out of the way, I think I'll end on a more positive note: There's lots of fun planned in the next few weeks. Food, Craft and all sorts of other stuff are all on the schedule, so stay tuned!

Mia xo

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