Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A surprise!

Okay, so I know my birthday was a million years ago (well not quite that long maybe....) and I've probably gone on to death about it, but this is the last I'll talk about it. I promise!

You see, Mum and Dad planned me a birthday surprise. On Sunday we got in the car, and although I'd tried to piece it together, I honestly had absolutely NO IDEA where we were going!

In the end, I figured it out just before we got there, but even so, it was pretty impressive secret keeping skills.

The surprise was...

A trip to Eveleigh Markets!!

(photo of eveleigh markets)

If you haven't heard of Eveleigh Markets (which I'm guessing you haven't), it's a beautiful market in Redfern, Sydney. There's a farmers market there every Saturday, and a craft one on the first Sunday of every month.

Well. we'd been to and enjoyed the food one before, but the craft one was quite a treat!

There were heaps of stalls, and they left me very inspired!

My favourite stalls were:
-Boab Designs- Organic Cotton T-shirts in the most gorgeous designs
-Herbert and Friends- The most beautiful soft toys (there was even a hand sewn sewing machine model-wow!)
-Niix Apparel- Cardigans and scarfs
-Grrl+Dog- Bunting and Cute teacup pincushions
-Smart Alex Textiles- Gorgeous hand-printed teatowels +pencil cases

I got three beautiful things with my birthday money too, which are all really exciting:

1. This pretty pencil case

(yes, I know it's meant to be a make-up bag, but that is really besides the point)

2. A beautiful scarf/ cowl

It's all one continuous loop, but it's really long. Does that make it a scowl?

3. The most gorgeous owl t-shirt

The colours are perfect, it fits well, it's really comfy and it's an OWL. Heck, what's not to like?

Well, thats the last you'll be hearing of my birthday. At least until the next one comes around, which isn't actually that long- 11 months to go! But it's been so, so much fun and quite possibly the best birthday I've ever had. Thanks Everyone!!!

Mia xo

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