Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I hope that everyone had a great day, whether or not they're a mother!

We had a fairly low key mother's day, as always, but it was lots of fun and nice spending time with family.

Eva and I made a Mother's Day lunch which turned out beautifully. A bit rushed and behind schedule, but delicious all the same!'

We each made a sweet and a savoury- I made smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese finger sandwiches and these Sticky Lemon Rolls (with the addition of cardamon), and Eva made mini sweet potato and facon (fake-bacon) quiches and a 'chocolate roll' of her own invention (pastry with melted chocolate rolled into it. All the food was lovely!

I (being the clever, clever person I am), dropped a bowl of milk as I poured it into another bowl, and it spashed ALL OVER my beautiful laptop!!! It won't turn on, so I'm really, really hoping that the helpdesk can fix it when I take it in tomorrow. The one time I leave my laptop on the bench....

Oh well! It's insured and backed up and under warranty and everything, which helps, so hopefully it won't be too big a deal. In fact, I'm really, really hoping that these won't even come into play- that they'll just do some sort of magic and it'll all be OK.

Now that we've got that slightly less wonderful part of the day out of the way, shall we get back to all the wonderful bits?

After lunch, we went to te netball. Some friends are members of the NSW swifts, but couldn't make today's game, so we got to go instead.

It was at Allphones Arena (Sydney's biggest arena),and it was lots of fun. The two teams were the NSW Swifts and the Melbourne Vixens. It was a close, fast match, but our team won in the end!

I'll share the recipes from the lunch at some point in the (near) future.

It's been a really lovely day and I just really wanted to share it with you :)

Happy Mother's Day Mum!

Mia xo


  1. Those look delicious. I'm stopping over frm the blog hop. I'm a new follower. I host a weekly link party on wednesdays and I'd love for you to join in.

  2. Thanks for the comment + follow! I'd be happy to join in your link party sometime. I really like your blog and I'm following! As you may know, I'm from Australia, so it's always interesting to see blogs from across the globe (and so many are)!


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