Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fancy a new font??

You know when you figure something out that everyone else has known for years, but you're still really excited and have to tell everyone about it even though they already know??

Or is that just me?

Well, I think this might be one of those things. You see, today I discovered the power of free downloadable online fonts. Yep, until now I'd never even considered the concept, but my mind has been blown today.

You see, it all started with a (very) old post on the Red Velvet Blog. It had some beautiful fonts, and I was intrigued, so I checked out the links. Then they led me to more links and then they led me to more and so on and so forth until my entire bookmarks bar was full!

And although you probably don't need seventy-three new fonts right now, when they're free you might as well check them out! (Unless you've got something you're meant to be doing, in which case I recommend you completely ignore this post as I wouldn't want to be responsible for hours of procrastination).

So, of course, I had to tell you all about all these new links I'd found, just in case you, like me, have been oblivious to this amazing world.

1. Lost Type Co-op

This site has a wide range of fonts. It uses a 'pay what you want' scheme, so you can download the fonts for free, but you can also make a much appreciated donation to the designers behind the fonts!
My favourites: Airplane, Carton and Lavenderia

2. The League of Moveable type

This site has less fonts that lost type co-op, but within in these there is a wide variety. All the fonts are handpicked and free for download, so you can choose as many as you like!
My favourites: Ostrich Sans, Blackout and Chunk

3. Google fonts

Although the site layout is slightly less beautiful than the others, there are all sorts of fantastic features here. These include the incredible amount of fonts available, the ability to add fonts to your 'collection, which you can save & download, the ability to choose your own sample text and the options for integrating fonts to your website.
My favourites: Noricon, Ewert and Shadows into Light two

4. Smashing Magazine

The 'typography' tag on this website has a fantastic array of posts relating to fonts. There are loads of round-ups, and although there aren't fonts hosted on the website, there are links to a wide variety of places and it saves a lot of the time spent looking.
My favourites (of the ones mentioned on the site): Five minutes, Matilde and Banda

Enjoy, and don't pretend I haven't warned you that finding new fonts is addictive!

Mia xo


  1. I love, love, love fonts! The hardest part for me is trying to narrow it down because I now have so many. If you haven't been to KevinandAmanda yet, they are an AMAZING source for free fonts. You will find a lot of bloggers sharing pins with images of their favourite fonts, too.

    Congrats on joining Pinterest! Say goodbye to free time :)

    Claire @

  2. I always love new fonts!!! another good site is


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