Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Op-shopping on a rainy day!

Op-shopping is a great thing for bad weather don't you think?

It's warm, it's dry and it cheers you up when the weather's slightly miserable!

Well, we've been getting plenty of bad weather recently, and we've been popping into the local vinnies quite regularly.

And the thrifting gods have been quite good to me recently, so I thought I'd share a couple more goodies I've picked up in the last week or two.

These cute Jelly Moulds will come in handy- we don't have other individual moulds! I can't wait to put them to good use!

I like these bright blue shoes I picked up for $2 the other day. Perfect for picnics and other occasions where you don't want your feet dirty, but you don't want to wear joggers!

This blue cardigan's really pretty. It's so stunning with the wind blowing on it!

This t-shirt's nice and casual, and such a pretty colour!

And to finish off, I really love this singlet! It's just one of those things you fall in love with the moment you see! It's not real lace- just a print- but it almost could be real from a distance!

Notice the dramatic wind in these photos?? I took them about five minutes before an all out storm kicked in! You could really tell it was about to come, and I was nervous I was going to get rained on. Just in time!

What wonderful things have you found at an op-shop recently?

Mia :)

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