Monday, 2 July 2012

Grilled Apple and Cheese Sandwiches

This post is the first in a series of 'Easy Eats' which will be super-simple, but still tasty, recipes that don't require planning and can be whipped up in a flash using ingredients you may well already have. They're mostly going to be lunches, but I might throw in some snacks or breakfasts along the way to mix it up a bit!
Apple in a toasted sandwich?

Weird, huh? But weird in a really, really delicious way!

I guess it kind of makes sense- on a cheese platter apple goes hand-in-hand with cheese, so why not in a sandwich? The sweetness balances the sharpness of the cheese; the tangy apple cuts the richness of the cheese. Perfect match if you think about it!

You could do this same sandwich with all sorts of different fruits if you wanted to be really adventurous- pear, grapes, even pineapple if you wanted to go all-out! And you could mix the cheese up a bit too- I used a vintage tasty, but fancier cheeses like goats cheese or blue cheese would be delicious! I also intend to try jam instead of the fruit- sweet!

In conclusion, Fruit+Grilled Cheese Sandwich=Yum!

Grilled Apple and Cheese Sandwich

2 slices thick, crusty sourdough
4-5 thick slices vintage tasty cheese
1/4 apple, thinly sliced
Small amount of butter, to grease

1. Cover one slice of bread with cheese, then apple slices on top of that. Close sandwich.
2. Melt the butter in an electric frypan on medium heat. Put the sandwich in, and grill until lightly browned. Flip and allow the other side to brown. Remove from pan and enjoy! Yield: 1 sandwich

Mia :)

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