Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rain, Rain go away (Roadtrippin' part 2)

I left you last update with plans for lazy days by the pool and in the sun, as well as plenty of good books and boardgames.

Well, we definitely fulfilled part two, but as for the first.... ah... well... not so much.

We tried and did spend some time at the pool, but I don't know there were any days in the sun. There were, however, lovely moments of sunshine, few and far between, that were enjoyed much more than if there had been a constant sun beating down on us!

The weather sounds pretty miserable, but it wasn't really.

Well, actually, it sort of was. But that's no reason for a miserable holiday!

The little pockets of sunshine were spent at the beach, by the pool and going for walks, where the less sunny moments were spent playing board games, baking, reading and writing blog posts (but not posting due to a lack of Internet).

And when the weather was good (and even when it wasn't so great) we drove... places.

Places like Brisbane. Brisbane's really nice, and the river's beautiful. I was surprised how similar it looked to Sydney, in terms of architecture and business and the sort of.... feeling to it? I was particularly excited by these beautiful rental bikes all throughout the city.

We visited Sea world, which was really good. A couple of the rides were out of order, which was a shame, and it seemed a bit slack they didn't mention it til you walked in the gate, but the rest was fabulous, especially the polar bears and penguins! I even touched a sting ray. Uurgh! Slimy!

On our last day, Dad and I competed (well not really competitively, but you know what I mean) in the Cooly classic (An ocean swim held at Kirra beach). It was literally a walk from where we were staying, and so we did the 300m event just for fun. The weather was atrocious, with no break in the rain all morning (or day for that matter), and we felt a bit stupid standing around in our swimmers. But it was really fun once we were in the water, and I'm glad we did it!

But possibly the best outing we made was a trip to Surfers Paradise. Though the Ferris wheel on the bus depot was good, and the waterfront area is lovely, my favourite was where we ate: Govinda's Gourmet. It was a beautiful little vegetarian restaurant, with lots of colour and this cute little booth/couch thing where we sat. The food was very cross-cultural- Eva had lasagna, Dad had burritos with pasta salad, Mum had curry and I had koftas (amongst other small things)! But all of it was good quality, inexpensive and most importantly, delicious!

On the way back, we stayed with some friends in Hawks Nest. It rained solidly the whole time we were there too, but it was really good to catch up. We even saw a koala in their back yard! Though it was a long way up, and the koala was very still and it was raining very hard, so the photos aren't great.

We're back home now, unpacking and uploading photos and reading the mail (including a Frankie magazine!!). It was a really great trip, and one I'll remember for a long, long time!

Mia :)

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