Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Love is in the air...

Ooh! I can't believe it's already been and gone valentines day! I'm not usually a massive follower of this tradition, but their are so many cute valentines things popping up all over the blogiverse! Here's my top ten:

1. Homemade Wax Seals

From: Color Issue
These are so clever and so cute. A perfect way to seal a letter- and not just at valentines!

2. Crocheted Paper

From: One Sheepish Girl
I can't crochet, but seeing this has made me desperate to learn. Anyone wanna teach me??

3. Favourite things

From: Oh, Joy!
This image is so sweet, and so true. Just reading this made me smile!

4. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

From: A Beautiful Mess
What an unusual idea! Going on the 'To try' list!

5. Sweetie Pies

From: The Farm Chicks
Cute! Cute! Oh, so Cute!

6. Stitched Hearts

From: Wild OliveThese look so effective, don't you think! What a cute embellishment for a project to give a little girl!

7. Heart ice cubes

From: A Subtle Revelry
This is so simple but so cute! An ideal way to cool a milky beverage (RV Hot Chocolate, anyone?)

8. Valentines Mints

From: Busy Mommy
I've never made my own mints, but this sounds great! Plus with the colour and shape they just look so sweet!

9. A super cute card

From: Elisa Mclaughlin Designs
Ooooh! I love the bike reference! I can't believe something this beautiful could possibly be free!

10. Window decorations

From: Martha Stewart
These would look beautiful hanging by my window in the morning I think!

11. (Bonus one, just because!) Coffee sugar cookies

From: I am Baker
Yum. And beautiful. And clever. What more could you want from a cookie?

Happy (belated) Valentines Day Everyone!

Mia xo

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