Wednesday, 1 February 2012


We got to mind two beautiful bunnies (belonging to a neighbour) last week.

How lucky were we!

Their names are Fidget....

And Billy.

Fidget doesn't like having her photo taken, so I didn't get so many of her :)

They got lots of snuggles and hugs, especially in the dreary weather!

Fidget is a shy, quiet girl. She doesn't actually fidget much, instead choosing to sit still most of the time. She is very nervous with humans at first, and shakes constantly, but she gets comfortable after a while!

Billy is an adventurous, fidgety girl (quite the opposite!!). She comes to play if you go near her cage, and constantly tries to wriggle out of your arms.

We'll miss them both, but hopefully they'll come visit again soon!

Mia :)

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