Monday, 30 January 2012

Girls don't Fly (even in this book)

I love reading.

But only when it's a good book....

This is a good book.

It was one of those books that leave you depressed, craving more when it ends.

That makes you stay up all night, unable to put it down.

That you see at the library, and realise just from the cover (not judging it or anything :D ) that you must take it home!

It follows the story of a 17 year old girl, who attempts to please everyone. She doesn't (obviously!), and this takes a real toll on her. Throughout the book she grows, learning that pleasing everyone isn't going to work.

Oh dear, that sounded rather boring didn't it! But just trust me on this one.

It's written well, and the main character is just so, um, interesting? Intriguing? Relateable?

Yes, relateable. She's one of those characters that you want to come out into the real world and be your friend.

What?? You don't fantasise about book characters?? Oh, well.

It's about a teen and aimed at teens, but I still think it'd be enjoyable as an adult.

Not that I'd know!

It's easy, light reading, perfect for a lazy summer afternoon!

Mia :)

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